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Company Profile


UniTraQ is a company focusing on Global Positioning System and mobile communication technology. We're customer-focused and committed to producing quality products including personal, real time, vehicle as well as GPS tracker that provide people with easy and convenient living facilities. We are committed to provide products which exceed customers' expectations with reasonable price. Furthermore, we have professional and experienced engineers that are always seeking innovation and breakthrough in GPS tracker product, quality and service. We endeavor ourselves to keep abreast with our customers, and assist them with new technologies to improve their competitiveness and profitability in rapidly changing environment.


In technology, UniTraQ R&D team provides innovation in telecommunication related fields, including RF and digital design and software development, such as automatic vehicle tracker, GPS tracking system, embedded firmware and software. Keeping on watching the changing of technologies and market demand, we try to reduce the cost in the value chain. This effort provides the basis for products with higher performance and more functionality at lower cost and supports a competitive position in the marketplace.


UniTraQ provided OEM/ODM service in GPS tracker and Mobile technology related products. In order to accomplish our commitment to customer satisfaction, we continue to develop and improve our online support resources. These resources are set to provide our customers information, such as user manuals, software download, troubleshooting and so on. By excellent quality control and customer service, UniTraQ successfully bring a win-win business model to benefit customers