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Vehicle Tracker


This item is mainly used in transport industry that keeps a real-time of all cars in the fleet. A unit will begin to work and acquire the GSM signals as well as the GPS signals and the red indicator will keep flashing every 2 seconds when the GSM module is no communication. The attached GPS vehicle tracker unit in the vehicle sends periodic updates of its location to the route station through the server of the cellular network that can be displayed on a digital map. This device will map your complete path on server.


Moreover, the vehicle tracker provided by us is acknowledged for its reliable and pin point tracking functions. Our customers can avail from us a diversity of GPS tracker that is ideal for fleet management, protecting the vehicle and driver, and locating equipments. The location details are later transferred to users via SMS, e-mail or other form of data transfers.


For industries, the platform is a more comprehensive tracking solution with almost unlimited customization possibilities. This vehicle tracker will send an over speed alarm to user when the target moves exceed of the restricted speed. So, you get to know exactly where your car is currently, how much it traveled and to which locations it has been.